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ANALYSIS: Ignoring Bangladesh's Polarizing Politics Is a Grave Mistake

Policy Forum

Conditions in the South Asian nation present a perfect storm for terrorist organizations.


How Southeast Asia Can Avoid Dutch Disease

Policy Forum

The likes of Laos and Myanmar can avoid the middle-income trap by establishing mechanisms to invest their resource-driven revenues.


India Lays the Groundwork for a Military Industrial Complex

Policy Forum

Defense procurement is a murky business in India, but one thing is certain: The country wants to make more of its own weapons.


East Asia's Biggest Problem: Aging

Policy Forum

All three countries at this week's Trilateral Summit are facing a demographic crunch, but China may have it the worst.


OPINION: Smart Cities Risk Becoming the 'Next Populist Scapegoat'

Policy Forum

Resistance to futuristic urban concepts could be viewed as obstinate refusal to cope with change, or as a way to maintain humanity in the face of forces larger than ourselves.


Here's How the Philippines Could Prevent Another Marawi Seige

Policy Forum

The Philippines' military, politicians and civil society must learn lessons from the Islamist attack that laid bloody siege to the city of Marawi, writes Joseph Franco.


OPINION: Vietnam Grossly Mismanages Its Water Resources

Policy Forum

With a growing population, increasing pollution, extreme weather events and ineffective government, Vietnam is due to face a watery calamity.


China Scholars Issue Open Letter to Protest Australia's Draft Spy Bill Amendment

Policy Forum

The draft bill criminalizes receiving information deemed harmful to the national interest and radicalizes debate on China.

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