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ANALYSIS: Japan Is Finally Entering the Indo-Pacific Arena

Policy Forum

Japan has hesitated to assert itself in the Indo-Pacific, a region increasingly dominated by Chinese influence. It may want to avoid its tradition 'value-oriented diplomacy' and the temptation to lock horns with China.


Water Tensions Between Singapore and Malaysia Begin to Boil Over

Policy Forum

Malaysia's recent election has reignited a longstanding quarrel over water with Singapore, which receives half its fresh water from its neighbor to the north.


ANALYSIS: Russia's Expanding Asia-Pacific Power Play

Policy Forum

In the absence of strong relations with Western nations, Russia may be making its own pivot to Asia. This should motivate Australia and ASEAN states to fortify their own presences in the area.


The Truth Behind China's World Football Ambitions

Policy Forum

Is China already a soccer superpower? Lucrative corporate partnerships have more than picked up the slack for its 75th ranked men's national team.


OPINION: It's Time to Move Past Outdated Notions of Cyberspace and Cybersecurity

Policy Forum

The conversation about cybersecurity must evolve to take account of state actors intent on furthering strategic aims.


OPINION: Talk of 'Sonic Attacks' at US Embassies Rings Hollow

Policy Forum

Talks of some kind of sonic 'attack' at US embassies in China and Cuba is based on questionable testing methodology and opaque data.


Korean Summitry Spurs Moon's Minjoo Party to Electoral Success

Policy Forum

Moon Jae-in’s Minjoo party rode overwhelming public approval and turnout to a strong electoral victory that has left the country’s opposition parties reeling.


Chinese Firms Venture into Russia 2018 World Cup Sponsorship Breach

Policy Forum

Chinese companies like Wanda and Vivo do not fear to tread in the footprints of scandal that have deterred Western sponsors.


How Should the US Respond to Sonic Attacks?

Policy Forum

The clandestine use of sonic, microwave and laser weapons are becoming more common, but nobody is quite sure how to respond.

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