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Phil Robertson is Deputy Director, Asia Division, Human Rights Watch.


Not the Time for Aung San Suu Kyi to Blink in Face of Rohingya Crisis

Phil Robertson

Myanmar needs to throw its full weight behind the commission’s recommendations, and especially not blink in dealing with the harder stuff, such as ensuring freedom of movement for all communities, prosecuting officials who use their positions to abuse rights or extort people, and ensuring humanitarian access and facing down Rakhine extremists who try to obstruct those operations and intimidate UN staffm writes Phil Robertson.


OPINION: Vietnam's Growing Online Community is Under Threat

Phil Robertson

Foreign donors should make it clear to Hanoi that closer relations depend on Vietnam tolerating its critics, rather than sending them to prison, says Phil Robertson.


OPINION: Murder of Cambodian Government Critic Still Needs Investigation

Phil Robertson

The killing of Kem Ley requires a thorough, professional and unbiased investigation that will follow the facts, wherever they lead, and hold accountable all involved no matter their position or their power, writes Phil Robertson.


Vietnam: Free Blogger ‘Mother Mushroom’

Phil Robertson

Arrests and activist’s trial show Hanoi’s determination to silence critics.


Dear Mr Xi, Don't Send Refugees Back to North Korea

Phil Robertson

'There is no way to sugarcoat this: if these people are forced back to North Korea, their lives and safety will be at risk,' writes Phil Robertson.


OP-ED: Vietnam Stripping Blogger of Citizenship is Outrageous

Phil Robertson

The international community, especially aid donors to Vietnam, must tell Hanoi that this abuse cannot be allowed to stand, writes Phil Robertson.


OPINION: Aung San Suu Kyi, The World is Watching Your Treatment of Religious Freedom

Phil Robertson

The international community won’t accept inaction or excuses from the Aung San Suu Kyi-led government this time.


OPINION: New President Must Tackle Rights Across Korean Peninsula and the Region

Phil Robertson

The new South Korean government should tell Beijing that returning North Koreans back into the clutches of Pyongyang is unacceptable because it condemns those refugees to certain torture, imprisonment and in some cases, death, argues Phil Robertson.


OPINION: China, Don’t Force Refugees Back to North Korea

Phil Robertson

There is no way to sugar coat this: if this group is forced back to North Korea, their lives and safety will be at risk, writes Phil Robertson.

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