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Building an ASEAN Identity: A Proposal

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Here are several policy proposals for the United States to help ASEAN countries build a common identity and strengthen ties with the bloc.

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Taipei American School Students Plan Economics Hackathon

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EconHacks is a 24-hour online financial literacy hackathon organized by students at the Taipei American School. It will be held across the world beginning at 12 p.m. Taipei time on February 13.


Does Universal Basic Income Have a Home in Taiwan?

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Is Taiwan's stability during the pandemic an occasion to think big?


Human Rights Day: Taiwan’s Democratization Gives Hope To 4.2 Billion Under Authoritarian Rule

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While Taiwan may be an example of successful democratization, the authoritarianism that its people experienced decades ago is on the rise today.


Taipei American School Students Develop Effective At-Home Viral Test Kits

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Students from the Taipei American School iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) team have recently created a diagnostic test that can be adapted to any viral infection.


How Does South Korea View Its Marginalized Groups?

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Compared with other marginalized groups, North Koreans are by far the most preferred neighbor in South Korea.


How Do South Koreans View North Korea’s Human Rights Violations?

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A survey found that if unification were to occur, most South Koreans agree that North Korean officials should be punished for human rights violations, even if doing so increased tensions.


South Korea Split Over Perception of Workplace Harassment

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A new survey finds that men and women have very different perceptions of what constitutes sexual harassment at work in South Korea.

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