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A Split in Gyeonggi Province May Alienate People in the North

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The proposed vision of Korea's government to split Gyeonggi province into southern and northern parts may result in an impoverished Northern region heavily reliant on the central government and lacking economic opportunities.


What Does the US Republican Presidential Primary Imply for Taiwan?

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The 2024 Republican primary campaign is in full swing and there is a significant chance Democrats lose the White House next November, making the Republican presidential primary candidates' opinions on Taiwan-related policy increasingly important for this self-ruled island.


China’s Bluff of Domestic Chip Opens a Window for ASEAN Countries

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China’s launch of the Mate 60 Pro, featuring a domestically-made chip, is seen by experts as either a bold move showcasing China’s ability to develop advanced chips independently, or a bluff to sway global opinion on U.S. chip ban. However, China’s aggressive actions may also create opportunities for neighboring countries in the region.


How Can ASEAN and Its Western Partners Resist China’s South China Sea Influence?

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China seeks to dominate the SCS region while avoiding direct military confrontation by using economic engagement to fracture ASEAN unity.


How “Scooter” Speaks About Independence and Egoism of Taiwanese People 

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Scooters, a type of vehicles commonly used in Taiwan, symbolize the Taiwanese mentality - a preference for small government and prioritization of self and household over the larger community.


How Diplomacy Has Failed To Resolve the Kashmir Conflict?

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The ongoing Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India remains unresolved, primarily due to factors such as the mutual lack of trust between the two nations and the absence of international mediation on the issue.


What Foreign Residents in Taiwan Think About VP Lai-Ching Te’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

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Lai-Ching Te spelled out his plan to preserve peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in early July.


China’s Whistleblowing Culture and the Sensitive Youth

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Society doesn’t improve with people reporting on each other.


Fake History — A Solo Exhibition by Paul Timings

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Based on tales from Taiwan, the exhibition explores how technologies mediate our experiences and narratives in a way that is both deeply personal and manipulative.


Ugly Half Shining Through — Kiwi Craft Beer Innovator Making Waves in Taiwan

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Max Gilbert says he wants to push the benefits of local beer. “There’s an enormous difference in whether you’re consuming a product that tastes as intended when it leaves the brewery or not. The big thing is to encourage people to get behind local products and get to know the beer itself.”

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