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Will Peyton has recently completed a PhD in Chinese studies at the Australian National University and has been based in Taipei as a visiting scholar at the Center for Chinese Studies in the National Central Library.

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What Is China’s Polar Strategy?

Will Peyton

The central question surrounding the Xuelong 2 seems to be whether it is an innocuous display of China’s soft power or signals geopolitical storms to come.


China’s Water Ambitions May Leave Neighbors Dry

Will Peyton

China's extensive dam projects are drying up rivers, often leaving neighboring countries in the dust with little to bargain.


China's Growing Power: A Potential Response From the Anglosphere

Will Peyton

One of the world's most dominant intelligence networks might be looking to expand in response to China's global rise to power.


Beijing's Overreach in Australia: From 'Chinese Influence' to 'Beijing Interference'

Will Peyton

Australia's peculiar relationship with China alludes to a lack of discussion between the Australian society and authorities.

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