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2020/06/29 | Op-Ed
OPINION: Germany Must Stop Appeasing China
Germany must live up to its claims of moral superiority in its dealings with China.
2020/05/28 | Op-Ed
What Can 'The Last Emperor' Teach Us About Life in Confinement?
The digitally remastered version of 'The Last Emperor' is now in Taipei theaters, and it has climbed to second place in the city's box office chart.
2020/05/06 | Op-Ed
OPINION: KMT Lacks a God, but DPP Has a Whole Pantheon
The DPP's recent successes have to do with its branding of its political stars. The KMT should take note.
2020/04/22 | Op-Ed
OPINION: Taiwan’s Future Depends on Using the Covid-19 Spotlight Wisely
Taiwan shouldn't just focus on the WHO. A greater opportunity presented by Taiwan's response to Covid-19 lies in drawing and retaining competitive talent.
2020/02/15 | Op-Ed
‘Parasite’ Symbolism Explained: Instant Noodles, Language, Basement
Bong Joon Ho's daunting observations of capitalism in "Parasite" are apparent. The Oscar-winning picture goes much further in exploring the depths of South Korean society.
2020/01/08 | Op-Ed
Taiwan's Elections May Determine the Fate of Fleeing Hong Kong Protesters
The Hong Kong protests might not have influenced Taiwanese voters as much as expected, but Taiwan's election results might determine the fate of the pro-democracy protesters who have fled from the city.
2019/12/26 | Op-Ed
From ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Controversy to Taiwanese Identity
How did Tom Cruise's jacket in "Top Gun: Maverick" spark a global controversy over Taiwan?
2019/11/14 | Op-Ed
Uncovering the Unofficial Taiwan-Indonesia Relations
A brief overview of how Taiwan and Indonesia have maintained a friendly relationship over the past three decades.
2019/11/12 | Op-Ed
OPINION: Solution to Kashmir Conflict Lies in East Timor
The UN should look to resolve the Kashmir dispute b reviewing the example of East Timor's independence movement.
2019/11/05 | Op-Ed
Indonesia Should Stop Fearing Chinese Workers
Indonesia’s growing anti-Chinese sentiment is mostly based on bias and disinformation, which will end up being unproductive to the country’s economic progress.
2019/07/11 | Op-Ed
Why Become a YouTuber? Our Children Think It's Easy Money
If your children aspire to become a YouTuber, do they have what it takes to be successful?