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Olivia is a Scottish lass from Italian decent with a passion for food and travel. Born into a family with a long reputation of food trade, her interest in China began when she started studying Chinese at the University of Edinburgh. Though her Chinese is better than her Italian (sorry Nonna), this helps her travel around China, from Zhejiang to Yunnan, Guangdong to Beijing, tasting local food. Currently studying at NTNU.


Breakfasting in the Past at Taipei's Cisheng Temple

Olivia Contini

Some of Taipei's more esoteric food traditions are quickly disappearing, but the temple and surrounds offer an unmissable opportunity to slurp braised intestines and other old school treats.


Guangzhou's 'Food Bus' Offers Travelers a Taste of Town

Olivia Contini

Fifteen famous restaurants in China's southern city are connected by a new bus route.


Hong Kong Food: An Origin Story

Olivia Contini

From 1950s diners to mystery street side marinades, Hong Kong food is a melting pot of international influences.


Tasting Yunnan: Bai Minority and other Delights in Dali and Lijiang

Olivia Contini

The diversity of Yunnan's cuisine is matched only by the kindness of its people.


Tasting Tradition on the Streets of Guangzhou

Olivia Contini

Diving into the back streets of Guangzhou yields some delightfully delicious surprises.

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