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Olivia is an editor striving to cover arts and culture along with community engagement and animal rights.

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2016/06/04 | Olivia Yang

Taiwanese Sci-Fi Project Nominated for Venture Capital at Korean Film Festival

A Taiwanese sci-fi romance film project is poised to attract venture capital at the 20th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

2016/06/03 | Olivia Yang

Uniform Regulations Loosened for Better or Worse?

Uniform regulations are being loosened, but a certain industry is bracing itself while students rejoice.

2016/05/31 | Olivia Yang

[Photo Story]: Preserving Taiwan's Fisheries Through Sound and Images

Seven Taiwanese college students are calling for the preservation of 13 traditional fishing techniques in Taiwan with a new documentary photo series.

2016/05/26 | Olivia Yang

Night Markets Taking the US by Storm

Silicon Valley is about to get its own night market this summer, but this isn't the first one to appear in the US.

2016/02/08 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Earthquake Collapses Residential Buildings and Damages Historic Relics

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake that hit southern Taiwan on February 6 has seen 37 casualties so far, but residential buildings weren't the only architectures damaged.

2016/02/06 | Olivia Yang

Earthquake Strikes Southern Taiwan Leaving Dozens Trapped

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck southern Taiwan early morning February 6, demolishing buildings in Tainan City and trapping dozens in the rubble.

2016/01/16 | Olivia Yang

Third Party Power Stands Out from A Sea of Green in the New Legislative Yuan

Standing out from the sea of green and taking five seats in the Legislative Yuan, the New Power Party (NPP) is making a stand for the third force in Taiwan.

2016/01/16 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan's First Female President Wins By A Landslide

Tsai is the second DPP presidential candidate to be elected, following former president Chen Shui-bian in 2000 and 2004. During Chen’s administration, tensions were high between Taiwan and China. Tsai’s position on the cross-Strait relationship has been unclear.

2015/09/23 | Olivia Yang

Worrying About Your Startup? Strategies for Taiwanese Startups from World-leading Startup Event Slush

We have all these startups that have some success internationally, but we don’t have the level of international success that we would like and used to have in the semiconductor industry or ICT industry.