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Olivia is an editor striving to cover arts and culture along with community engagement and animal rights.

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2016/07/05 | Olivia Yang

Lanyu Locals Unknowingly Prep Endangered Fish

Some residents of Taiwan's Lanyu were caught preparing to cook an endangered fish. But are they to blame?

2016/07/04 | Olivia Yang

Taiwanese Scrivener-Turned-Artist Clashes Western and Eastern Cultures

The highly distinguishable artist has never received any professional training, but his works are in the possession of people like Luc Besson.

2016/07/01 | Olivia Yang

Organ Transplant Abuse in China Worse Than Before

Several investigations into allegations of organ harvesting in China have been carried out throughout the past decade, but a recent update indicates the issue is more serious than previously thought..

2016/06/30 | Olivia Yang

FEATURE: Staying Positive Turns Evicted Animal Sanctuary into Taiwan's Model

It has been a stressful, but magical, rollercoaster ride for The PACK Sanctuary in Sanzhi, New Taipei City. The sanctuary still needs to raise NT$2.75 million to move its 113 dogs before July 31.

2016/06/29 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Dolphin Protection Activist Says Japanese Government Is 'Biggest Criminal'

Awareness of dolphin capturing and trafficking in Taiji, Japan, and around the world has been raised since the release of the Academy Award-winning documentary 'The Cove.' But have things really been improving for dolphin protection? Activist Richard O'Barry discusses the matter with The News Lens International.

2016/06/28 | Olivia Yang

Brewing A Title: Taiwan Barista Crowned World Champion

What's the key to brewing a world-class cup of coffee? One Taiwanese holds it.

2016/06/27 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Marines Hang Dog and Film the Act, Sparking Outrage

A video of Taiwan military personnel abusing a dog to death has gone viral on the Internet and sparked an investigation.

2016/06/24 | Olivia Yang

Exhibition Wants You To Think Twice About What You Eat

We all enjoy eating, but what are the social responsibilities that come with it?

2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang

[UPDATE] China Airlines Flight Attendants Strike, Flights Cancelled

The result of a vote held by the Taoyuan Flight Attendants' Union is allowing China Airlines flight attendants to legally strike.

2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang

Following in Taiwan's Footsteps, Australia Returns Land To Aboriginals

While Australia has settled one of its longest-running native land right claims, Taiwan has also been dealing with similar issues for the past two decades.

2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Railway System Makes It to U.S. Video Awards

Iron pathways are not the only feature of Taiwan to have been showcased on U.S. television in series that went on to win prestigious awards.

2016/06/22 | Olivia Yang

Foreign Student Launches No More Free Plastic Bags Campaign in Taiwan

Every year, Taiwanese use a total of more that 20 billion plastic bags, nearly four times the quantity in the entire European Union.

2016/06/20 | Olivia Yang

Taipei Film Festival Mixing It Up With Bowie, Hitchcock, and Léaud

A prominent venue for the premiering and screening of emerging Asian films, this year's Taipei Film Festival features a series of global icons from the movie industry.

2016/06/17 | Olivia Yang

Taiwanese Cinematographer First Asian to Hold Retrospective at MoMA

MoMA will screen 15 films shot by award-winning cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bing in Lee’s first American retrospective in his 30-year career.

2016/06/15 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan's First Animal Blood Transfusion Center Patching Things Up?

The first animal blood transfusion center in Taiwan is officially in business, but will it be able to help all animals in need?

2016/06/09 | Olivia Yang

Is Gao Xingjian Running Out of Inspiration?

The Chinese-born winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature seems to want to make a splash in the painting world, but is his latest exhibition in Taipei boosting his image?

2016/06/08 | Olivia Yang

Students Refuse to Pull Photo From Female Body Hair Exhibition

Despite pressure from local residents, National Taiwan University respected the decision by a group of students not to remove an 'erotic' photo at a recent exhibition.

2016/06/06 | Olivia Yang

Feature: Bringing More than Taiwan Paper Art to the Louvre

Taiwanese paper artist Hung Hsin-fu mixes art and education, science and mathematics to create a truly memorable experience.