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Olivia is an editor striving to cover arts and culture along with community engagement and animal rights.

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2016/09/30 | Olivia Yang

U.S. Universities in China Face Internet, Self-Censorship: Report

U.S. universities in China avoid sensitive topics like Tibet, Taiwan and the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

2016/09/26 | Olivia Yang

PRC Authorities Allowed to Secretly Seize Social Media Data for Criminal Evidence

Big Brother: A new law in China allows law enforcement officials to seize 'digital data' for evidence in criminal cases. Opponents say the law is another serious threat to privacy and free speech.

2016/09/23 | Olivia Yang

Online Petition Seeks Inclusion of All Genders in Taiwan's Compulsory Military Service

The petition has reached the threshold of 5,000 signatures, and the government is required to respond by Nov. 24.

2016/09/22 | Olivia Yang

China Amending 'Social Maintenance Fee' Regulations for Third Child

It has been less than a year since China's two-child policy came into effect, but the country is already seeing problems with families exceeding the stipulated limit and provinces are looking to amend 'social maintenance fee' regulations to tackle the problem.

2016/09/21 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Knows What's Wrong With Its Film Industry. So Why Isn't It Changing?

A South Korean box office hit has set off a flurry of discussions about the state of Taiwan's film industry.

2016/09/19 | Olivia Yang

Can Taiwan Fill in the Gap for Foreign NGOs in China?

China's crackdown on foreign NGOs could be an opportunity for Taiwan.

2016/09/14 | Olivia Yang

Forced Evictions Continue at Tibetan Buddhist Institutes in China

Up to 1,000 nuns at Yachen Gar in Sichuan have been evicted by officials from the Tibetan Autonomous Region and have been told they are not allowed to join any monastery or nunnery there, or carry out public religious rituals or practices.

2016/09/13 | Olivia Yang

Workshop in Jakarta Highlights Indonesian Migrant Worker Issues

There are more than 200,000 Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan. What are the problems they face and what should they keep an eye out for?

2016/09/12 | Olivia Yang

Chinese College Poisons Stray Dogs; No Law to Protect Them

A college in China has reportedly sent security guards to poison stray dogs at a nearby shelter, once again sparking discussions about the country's lack of animal protection laws.

2016/09/09 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan's Coffee Craze Highlights Recycling Challenge

Taiwanese drink an estimated 2.3 billion cups of coffee each year, and yet only one company is in charge of recycling them.

2016/09/07 | Olivia Yang

Fears of Censorship Overshadow US-ASEAN Laos Meeting

An international human rights organization says reports by foreign media 'will have to be approved by a censor before publication' during the three-day summit in Vientiane.

2016/09/06 | Olivia Yang

Hangzhou G20 Concludes With Uncertain Results

Highlights surrounding the 2016 G20 summit that just concluded in Hangzou.

2016/09/06 | Olivia Yang

China Concerned with Election of Pro-Independence Legislators in HK

A statement by the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council yesterday restated that Hong Kong independence is 'a threat to China's sovereignty and security' and is 'counter to the fundamental interests of Hong Kong citizens.'

2016/09/05 | Olivia Yang

Young 'Anti-Beijing' Activists Gain Power in HK LegCo Elections

Preliminary results show pro-democracy candidates have won 19 of the 35 directly elected legislative seats. Nathan Law has become the youngest legislator in Hong Kong history.

2016/08/31 | Olivia Yang

Taiwanese Kindness Saves Swedish Post-Rock Band

Swedish post-rock band pg.lost landed in Taiwan last night, only to find out that some of their equipment had been sent to China.

2016/08/31 | Olivia Yang

YouBikes Out of Service for One Day

The bike-sharing service is down after system errors in the Taichung area.

2016/08/30 | Olivia Yang

PM Trudeau Arrives in China to Address Economic, Human Rights Issues

During the prime minister's first official visit to China, Justin Trudeau plans to strengthen economic ties and bring up the case of a Canadian who has been detained since 2014.

2016/08/30 | Olivia Yang

Taiwanese Band in Controversial Music Video Releases Statement

'We thought this was a pretty positive story and I was willing to make the sacrifice.'