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Olivia is an editor striving to cover arts and culture along with community engagement and animal rights.

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2016/11/18 | Olivia Yang

PHOTO STORY: Art Taipei 2016

The annual exhibition had 'fewer attendees, but better quality.'

2016/11/14 | Olivia Yang

Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Groups Call for Referendum as Bills Draw Closer to Legalization

The organizer of the two-day protest says the decision for such a crucial issue should not lie in the hands of legislators but should be settled through a nation-wide referendum.

2016/11/09 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Reacts to U.S. Presidential Election Results

Taiwan's President Tsai says she is looking forward to working with President-elect Trump.

2016/11/08 | Olivia Yang

Modern Twist on Taiwanese Traditional Ballad Singing Wins International Award

A team of three students from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology hopes to revitalize a dying traditional art in Taiwan through a creative music video project.

2016/11/04 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Pianist Rueibin Chen Calls for Taiwan to Use Arts for Diplomacy

'After China opened up, the arts and sports became diplomatic tools for the country, but the Taiwanese government hasn’t been doing the same. This has been the case for the last forty or fifty years.'

2016/10/27 | Olivia Yang

'It Could Be You Or Me': Interview With UNHCR Communications Officer Caroline Gluck

'These are people like you and me, who had homes, jobs and pride. Their kids went to school. They were proud of their country.'

2016/10/20 | Olivia Yang

Thailand Slams Taiwan's Media Coverage of King's Death

Thailand's Ministry of Foreign affairs has issued a press release saying, 'Such practices are not only unethical but also unprofessional, insensitive to the feelings of the Thai people and offensive towards Thai cultural traditions.'

2016/10/19 | Olivia Yang

Media Accuses Taipei of 'Leaking‘ Personal Info of 350,000 Students

The Taipei City Government denies reports of a massive leak of school children's personal information.

2016/10/17 | Olivia Yang

Anti-Cyberbullying Social Media Platform Takes Off in Asia

A new Finnish social media platform aimed at tackling cyberbullying is seeing fast uptake from the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan.

2016/10/14 | Olivia Yang

Director of WDC Mexico City 2018 Reflects on Taipei

What can Mexico City learn from Taipei, this year's World Design Capital? And what challenges does it face?

2016/10/13 | Olivia Yang

Art Exhibition Highlights Concerns of Penghu Casino Plan

The outlying island archipelago located in the Taiwan Strait will be seeing its second referendum on a casino bill this Saturday. A group of artists are raising awareness of the issue at a new exhibition in Taipei.

2016/10/07 | Olivia Yang

Japanese AV Actresses Expose Coercion in Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry

Approximately 20,000 pornographic videos are released in Japan each year. And not all actresses are willing participants.

2016/10/06 | Olivia Yang

China Responds to President Tsai's WSJ Interview

'No power or individual should underestimate the determination of the over 1.3 billion people on the Mainland,' China says.

2016/10/05 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Film Festival Director Hopes Taiwan Can Lead LGBT Discussion in Asia

From directing an annual film festival to holding Taiwan's first LGBT awards ceremony, Jay Lin wants to connect Taiwan with the international community.

2016/10/03 | Olivia Yang

Filmmaker Ang Lee Wants to Bring Audiences Closer to Reality

The Taiwanese director's latest film 'Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk' will be the first in the world to be screened in a new format using 3D at a resolution of 4,000 pixels and 120 frames-per-second.