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Olivia is an editor striving to cover arts and culture along with community engagement and animal rights.
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2017/03/24 | Olivia Yang
PHOTO STORY: The Neon Lights That Once Lit Up Taiwan
Walking down streets in Taiwan, LED lightboxes dominate one’s sight, especially at night. Yet this wasn’t the case until the 1980s. Before that, it was neon lights that drew in customers.
2017/03/21 | Olivia Yang
Q&A with Creator of Taipei's First Bilingual 'Design Guidebook'
'Good Eye Taipei' is a collection of 300 locations to visit in Taipei and includes features on Taiwanese society and culture.
2017/03/18 | Olivia Yang
INTERVIEW: Facing Past Pain and Empowering Others Through 'Small Talk'
The intention behind making the Teddy Award-winning documentary, 'Small Talk,' was never to enter any film festival, but rather for the director to face the pain of her past and mend her relationship with her mother.
2017/03/17 | Olivia Yang
PHOTO STORY: The Iron Tracery Culture of Taiwan
They were once a decoration with more than 100 patterns and could be custom-made. But handmaking a tracery was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, so factories started using machines for production, making the once intricate embellishments stale and identical.
2017/03/08 | Olivia Yang
Taiwanese Feel Empowered in Fight Against Corruption: Report
Though Taiwan is performing well in combating corruption, the report says there are areas that need improvement.
2017/03/06 | Olivia Yang
Facebook to Launch Startup Accelerator in Taiwan
FbStart is a global program designed to help mobile app startups build and grow their products.
2017/03/03 | Olivia Yang
Novelist Haruki Murakami Under Fire for Nanking Massacre Portrayal
Readers in Japan are saying Murakami is 'fabricating facts to win the Nobel Prize in Literature,” and the Nanking Massacre 'never took place.'
2017/02/22 | Olivia Yang
INTERVIEW: Fighting a Country with Words, 4 Years a Chinese Prisoner
'The history of mankind has gone on for thousands of years, and that of the Communist Party only a few decades. Perhaps one day when they collapse, your books will still exist.'
2017/02/14 | Olivia Yang
INTERVIEW: Bringing the ‘Instagram Printing Vendor’ to Taiwan
'I was the only one who believed in it,' says Mike Sung, the 26-year-old who introduced FotoNota to Taiwan.
2017/02/08 | Olivia Yang
PHOTO STORY: Graffiti Loud and Legal in Taipei
Graffiti artists from around the world have come to this landmark to practice and exhibit.
2017/02/04 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Film Industry Concerns Raised amid Berlinale Excitement
While three Taiwanese films are looking forward to the annual international film festival, unresolved problems remain and threaten the local film industry.
2017/01/24 | Olivia Yang
PHOTO STORY: 2017 Taipei Game Show Shines in Booming Industry
The Asia-Pacific region is leading the global games market with revenue of US$50.1 billion in 2017, and the eSports economy is expected to earn US$1 billion in 2019.
2017/01/19 | Olivia Yang
Why Aren't Social Businesses Booming in Taiwan?
'I’ve seen many Taiwanese social businesses trying very hard and are doing a good job, but the international community doesn’t see their efforts.'
2017/01/12 | Olivia Yang
Nigeria Orders Closure of Taiwan Office in Capital
'Taiwan will stop enjoying any privileges because it is not a country that is recognized under international law and under the position we have taken internationally we recognize the people of China,' said Nigeria's foreign minister.
2017/01/10 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Box Office Transparency Saga Continues
The Taiwan Film Institute has released its first new box office report. But is it enough to help Taiwan's box office transparency issues?
2017/01/09 | Olivia Yang
TNLI’s Top Ten Movies of 2016
Check out TNLI's list of the top ten films in 2016.
2017/01/07 | Olivia Yang
Birthday Celebrations for North Korean Leader Hide Human Rights Violations: HRW
The dictator last year celebrated his birthday by testing what he called 'a devastating hydrogen bomb.' What will happen this year?
2017/01/05 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Media at War over South Korea Comparison
'If this is the level of a newspaper’s editorial team, then it’s enough to make one embarrassed about the quality of Taiwanese media. What right do we have to flatter ourselves to be influential and have ‘international perspectives?' writes South Korea-based Taiwanese journalist Yang Chien-hao.