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Why China’s Overseas Academics Loath to Return Home

Nina Huang

With more favorable advancement opportunities at Western universities, China must re-evaluate how it plans to bring its best and brightest back.

Young woman sitting on a chair in vintage interior and watching retro tv. She is very astonished while watching tv in dark room

The Shallow, Implausible Women Flooding Chinese TV Dramas

Nina Huang

Why are legions of poorly rendered female protagonists leaping from fan fiction onto screens?


Why Localization Is Essential for Chinese Fashion to Go Global

Nina Huang

The case of Taoray Wang shows how a lack of foreign market expertise can hinder the growth of designer brands in China.


‘Masculine Women’ Bridge Urban-Rural Divide in China

Nina Huang

Does an Internet term that is blind to class mean that attitudes toward women in China are becoming more progressive?

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