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Nick Aspinwall is a journalist based in Taipei and an editor-at-large for The News Lens. He has also written for The Diplomat, SupChina and New Naratif, among others. When he’s not reporting, he can be found on a diving boat or perhaps stranded deep within a remote mountain range.


Taiwan and Philippines Indigenous Groups Find Solidarity in Opposing China

Nick Aspinwall

A delegation of Taiwanese indigenous peoples recently traveled to the Philippines, where they joined in the growing indigenous opposition to a China-funded irrigation project.


Southeast Asian Workers Rally to Protest Sexual Abuse, Poor Labor Standards

Nick Aspinwall

Migrant workers gathered at Taipei Main Station on Sunday to protest the third-party brokerage system, sexual harassment of female workers, and the government's inaction in affirming human rights for Southeast Asian workers.


Former Taiwan Premier William Lai Enters 2020 Presidential Race

Nick Aspinwall

In a surprising move, former Premier William Lai will challenge President Tsai Ing-wen in the upcoming DPP primary.


In Taiwan, Southeast Asian Migrant Detainees Must Pay for Their Own Food

Nick Aspinwall

Taiwan's immigration agency confirmed that migrant workers in temporary detention centers are expected to use their own money to pay for meals. Rights groups are outraged.

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