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Nicholas Haggerty is an editor for the News Lens International. He lives in Taipei.

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2020/05/27 | Nicholas Haggerty
What Does It Mean to Be an Expat, Anyway?
Foreigners, expats, immigrants, migrant workers. Will these class labels have the same meaning in the post-pandemic world?
2020/04/28 | Nicholas Haggerty
‘A Stormy Petrel’: Hong Kong Governor John Pope Hennessy
P. Kevin MacKeown's biography 'A Stormy Petrel' (City University of Hong Kong, 2020) argues for John Pope Hennessy as a character full of contradictions, bridling against his historical circumstances but never quite transcending them.
2020/04/10 | Nicholas Haggerty
Taiwanese Research Team Identifies Covid-19 Protease Inhibitor
Researchers at Academia Sinica announced that they had identified inhibitors of COVID-19 in vitro, laying groundwork for animal and human testing.
2020/04/07 | Nicholas Haggerty
OPINION: A Plea for Decency When Writing About Covid-19
A recent editorial in the Taipei Times argues against face masks. With all due respect, we beg to differ.