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Nicholas Haggerty is a former editor at the News Lens International.


Jeanne Ten’s Long Struggle for Accountability in Singapore

Nicholas Haggerty

Jeanne Ten was presented with an ultimatum: accept a report whitewashing her professor’s academic misconduct, or be denied her master’s degree. Her decision to fight back has cost her dearly. But she has no plans to stop, and in the process, she has revealed a lack of accountability in Singapore’s powerful institutions.


Roy Ngerng Against the Prime Minister

Nicholas Haggerty

Ngerng’s case recalls the traditional battle lines in the struggle for free speech, a heroic picture of a dissenter against the state, whose cause is grounded in a vision of a just society.


‘In The Weeds’ Zoe Lee Wins “Best Show Host”

Nicholas Haggerty

Zoe Lee, a lawyer and host of a podcast called “In The Weeds” on cannabis and its legal status in Taiwan, won “Best Show Host” at the inaugural KKBOX Podcast Awards. Her sights are fixed on the long game.


What’s Going on With Taiwan’s Influencers?

Nicholas Haggerty

What’s unique about the latest tabloid dramas in Taiwan is the extent to which the medical establishment has taken interest.

高嘉瑜勝選 台北港湖藍天變綠地

Behind the Kao Chia-yu Saga

Nicholas Haggerty

The media-driven spectacle surrounding Kao Chia-yu belies real political forces at play.


A Small Press That Seeks To Bring Taiwan To the World

Nicholas Haggerty

Camphor Press is on a quixotic mission to bring Taiwan to the world through English-language publications.


Two Bills, Two Approaches To Taiwan

Nicholas Haggerty

The two most recent Taiwan-related bill before the U.S. Congress have been presented as further evidence of enhanced U.S.-Taiwan ties. Little has been said, however, on their telling differences.


Beyond the Michelin Guide: What Is Real Taiwanese Gourmet?

Nicholas Haggerty

Liz Kao, one of Taiwan's leading food writers, does not think the Michelin Guide has the final word on the country's gourmet scene.


The Sexist Media Coverage of Jane Lee

Nicholas Haggerty

There is no doubt that sexism was driving a media narrative to gin up attention and web traffic for an undramatic race.

高雄大邁進選前之夜 陳其邁拚選情(1)

Chen Chi-mai Wins Kaohsiung Mayoral By-Election

Nicholas Haggerty

Chen Chi-mai of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been elected mayor of Kaohsiung.

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