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Hosted by the Australian National University’s (ANU) Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, New Mandala provides anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on Southeast Asia. The site was established in June 2006, with co-founder Dr Nicholas Farrelly editing and running the site until 2015. In May that year, James Giggacher was appointed as editor. Since April 2017, the editor of the site has been Liam Gammon, assisted by associate editor Mish Khan. Since its inception the site has devoted its attention to the politics and societies of Southeast Asia, and especially Thailand and Myanmar. Increasingly its focus stretches to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. New Mandala also runs a successful book review series.


'Marriage Cards' for Indonesia's Newlyweds: A Form of Moral Surveillance?

New Mandala

The Indonesian government's rollout of the proposed cards may be all about moral policing.


Has Cambodia Slipped Away From the International Community?

New Mandala

Many Cambodians are skeptical of global leaders. The international community must take this seriously.


MALAYSIA: What Happened to UMNO and Malay Support During GE14?

New Mandala

Despite regime change at the top, the United Malays National Organisation retains strong support from the Malaysian people.


Repent or Duterte! How Religion Keeps the Philippines President Popular

New Mandala

Two academics speak to religious leaders and find that support for Duterte's War on Drugs emanates from the churches.


VIETNAM: Workers Protest Proposed Lease of Economic Zones to China

New Mandala

A draft law governing rules in the zones erodes protections for Vietnamese workers, heavily favors Chinese investors, and promotes toxic industries and gambling.


'Thailand 4.0': No Security in the Growing Thai Gig Economy

New Mandala

Thailand has high hopes for the growth of its sharing economy. Despite promising early returns for workers, there is little reason to believe they will lead to long-term stability.


Execution Indicates Lethal Shift in Royal Attitudes to Death Penalty in Thailand

New Mandala

The execution of a man by lethal injection indicates a change in royal attitudes to the death penalty in Thailand.


New Government, New Opportunities in Far-From-Failing Timor-Leste

New Mandala

Timor-Leste is no failed state, despite outdated assumptions to the contrary.


Indonesian Democracy on Tenterhooks amid Global Backslide toward Despotism

New Mandala

In the decades since Suharto fell, has Indonesia truly transformed into a stable democracy?


REVIEW: 'Divergent Paths' Explains Changing Fates of Myanmar and North Korea

New Mandala

One was embraced as a flowering democracy, the other remains a pariah state, but both governments remain paranoid and oppressive.

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