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New Bloom is an online magazine featuring radical perspectives on Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific, founded by a group of students and activists after the 2014 Sunflower Movement in Taiwan. We seek to provide a space that fosters political and intellectual transnational dialogues in the Left.


Political Debate Goes Nuclear After Referendum Keeps Reactors Running

New Bloom

Taiwan voted to reverse a plan to phase out nuclear power by 2025, but nobody knows what comes next.


OPINION: Watch for KMT City-to-City Exchanges Between Taiwan and China

New Bloom

The KMT may try and push a model of cross-Strait cooperation pioneered by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je.


Pre-Referenda LGBT Rights Rally Draws 100,000 in Taipei

New Bloom

Taiwan's LGBTQ rights movement is mobilizing ahead of referenda on marriage equality and gender equity education this Saturday.


OPINION: Ko-P Just Goes and Goes in Taipei Mayor TV Debate

New Bloom

Mayor Ko continued to offer the most convincing platform for Taipei mayor, and possibly beyond as well.


'Make China Lose Again': Taiwan Gets Love From the Polish Far-Right

New Bloom

Premier William Lai's decision to comment favorably on a pro-Taiwan video by a Polish fringe far-right group might not have been the best idea.


OPINION: Taiwan's Embrace of Brazil's Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro Is Shameful

New Bloom

Taiwan can't criticize China's authoritarianism while continuing its love affair with iron-fisted populists and tyrants.


INTERVIEW: Taiwan Labor Film Festival Screens Stories of Struggle and Solidarity

New Bloom

A chat with Catta Chou, curator of the 2018 Taiwan International Labor Film Festival – which is now underway in Taipei.

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