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New Bloom is an online magazine featuring radical perspectives on Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific, founded by a group of students and activists after the 2014 Sunflower Movement in Taiwan. We seek to provide a space that fosters political and intellectual transnational dialogues in the Left.


Who Will Step Up and Chair Taiwan's New Power Party?

New Bloom

Will the New Power Party take a step forward, or will it succumb to brewing factionalism?


Indigenous Occupation Dismantled by Taipei Police on Its 699th Day

New Bloom

Indigenous protesters have vowed to continue their occupation after police dismantled their encampment on Jan. 22.


Is China Using Language Textbooks to Influence Taiwanese Education?

New Bloom

A crucial post-Sunflower debate over China-centric language learning has been rekindled in Taiwan.


OPINION: Time for Tsai to Use Her Momentum to Renew Taiwanese Identity

New Bloom

Now is the time for Tsai Ing-wen to leave her mark by driving a renewal of Taiwanese identity.


OPINION: The Departure of James Mattis Is a Dire Warning for Taiwan

New Bloom

Taiwan should note that the US can no longer be counted on to unconditionally support its allies.


OPINION: From 2014 Sunflowers to 2018's KMT 'Blue Wave,' the Youth Are Anxious

New Bloom

Last week's student protests at NTU against former Premier Jiang Yi-huah are a snapshot of Taiwan's current political moment.


OPINION: KMT Fukushima Food Ban Drives a Wedge Between Taiwan & Japan

New Bloom

If the food ban referendum was a strategic maneuver by the KMT, it seems to be working as intended.

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