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Nevin Thompson is the Japan Editor for Global Voices. He is a translator, writer, and journalist, and has been connected to Japan for more than twenty years.


Katsura Sunshine Brings the Japanese Art of Comic Storytelling to English-Language Audiences

Nevin Thompson

The Canadian-born rakugo has taken his show on the road, performing in front of international audiences.


Japan's Male Sex Workers Speak Out in 'Boys For Sale'

Nevin Thompson

A new documentary provides a humane and empathetic look at the lives of men working in Tokyo's 'urisen' trade.


The Strange Case of the Japanese Plastic Surgeon Who Admires Nazis

Nevin Thompson

'For the time being, Takasu, by all accounts, remains unapologetic about his statements, despite the overwhelming evidence of the Nazis’ atrocities, and despite criticism of his remarks both in Japan, and, increasingly, abroad.'


Why Japanese Locals Rejoice About a Restart for Nuclear Power Plant

Nevin Thompson

This is the second nuclear reactor to be restarted at Takahama, and brings up to five the number of reactors restarted across Japan after being shut down following the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear meltdown at Fukushima.


Osaka Becomes the First Municipality in Japan to Recognize Same-Sex Foster Parents

Nevin Thompson

This pioneering decision by the city of Osaka has been trending on Twitter since the beginning of April 2017.

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