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Nelson Chung is a statistician for the United States Census Bureau and a part-time sports analyst. He holds a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in applied mathematics (’13). He lives in Alexandria, Virginia and actively participates in the local chapter of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs.


How Yu Chang, Mocked as a Military Deserter, Defends Taiwan’s Home Turf at World Baseball Classic

Nelson Chung

Fully invested in the WBC, the MLB free agent defended himself against charges of selfishness — and Taiwan’s home turf.


How a Taiwanese Baseball Player Strengthens Taiwan-Japan Relations

Nelson Chung

Wang Po-jung’s action serves as an example of how non-state actors can contribute to diplomacy.


What Baseball Says About Taiwanese Culture and Identity

Nelson Chung

As Taiwanese players have been shining on the baseball diamond these days, it may be a great time to examine the issues relating to Taiwanese culture and identity that linger over the local baseball scene.

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