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Nate Maynard works on environmental issues ranging from climate change to the circular economy. A Fulbright fellowship to study coral reef economics originally brought him to Taiwan where has since also consulted on green business development and clean power . He is currently a PhD student at National Chengchi University.


What Feed-in Tariff Controversy? Why Taiwan's Wind Power Future Looks Bright

Nate Maynard

At a recent conference in Taipei, January's controversy over feed-in tariffs did not dampen a sense of optimism over Taiwan's wind energy future.


Taiwanese Companies Commit to 100% Renewables, Despite a Dirty Grid

Nate Maynard

The first of what might eventually be a flood of Taiwanese companies have committed to sourcing 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources.


Face Your Fear: Here's What a 1.5 C Warmer World Really Looks Like

Nate Maynard

In the best case scenario we will lose corals and the Arctic even if we transition at an abrupt and societally transformative pace.


ANALYSIS: The Difficult Truth About Sustainability and Bio-Plastics

Nate Maynard

The world is rushing towards embracing bio-plastics because they sound like a nice alternative to banned single-use plastics, but the truth is that in most cases bio-plastics are not biodegradable.


ANALYSIS: Solar Lessons for ASEAN from Thailand's Feed-in Tariff Success

Nate Maynard

Thailand has powered past regional peers when it comes to solar power capacity via astute implementation of feed-in tariffs.


China’s Waste Import Ban: An Opportunity for Real Recycling

Nate Maynard

China's move to reject the world's waste is an opportunity to think seriously about the true costs of recycling.


5 Tips to Help Save the Planet on Earth Day and Every Day

Nate Maynard

There is no easy fix for global warming, but there are everyday ways you can make a difference.

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