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2018/09/10 | MuYi

Taipei Hosts Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Showcasing Asia's Best New Movies

Taiwanese films scooped up two awards, including Best Director, and the event spotlighted Southeast Asian hits like 'Bad Genius' and 'Respeto.'

2017/11/23 | MuYi

The Migrant's Hometown

A Taiwanese and an Indonesian family reconnect in the Javanese countryside.

2016/02/04 | MuYi

Piles of Sharks Without Fins Found Under Bridge In Taiwan

Shark finning has been a critical global issue, especially for countries in the Pacific Ocean, such as Taiwan and Japan. Despite the efforts made by Taiwan to prevent excessive shark finning, a huge amount of bodies of sharks with their fins cut off was found under a bridge in Hsinchu, triggering the anger of the public.