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Morley J Weston writes words and also changes ugly words to pretty words.


Can Taiwan be an American Gateway to Southeast Asia? The US Hopes So

Morley J Weston

Even as the US turns away from globalization, the Small Business Administration is trying to ramp up trade with Taiwan and Southeast Asia


INFOGRAPHIC: Taipei is Traffic Heaven – No, Really

Morley J Weston

Morley Weston takes a close look at Taiwan's traffic accidents and finds some surprising results.


INFOGRAPHIC: Where Not to Park Your Scooter in Taipei

Morley J Weston

The outskirts of Taipei get increasingly sketchy and the Zhongli district of Taoyuan still stands out as the car theft capital of the greater Taipei region.


INFOGRAPHIC: There are More Foreign Women than Men in Taiwan

Morley J Weston

Taiwan has more foreign women than men, but this is not equal among the nations.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Climate Change Will Impact Taiwan

Morley J Weston

If you’re worried about rising sea levels, stay out of Yilan


INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwan’s Cities are One Giant Heat Sink

Morley J Weston

If you want to keep cool in Taiwan, start growing some rice or fish.


INFOGRAPHIC: Is Taipei the World’s Most Convenient City?

Morley J Weston

In one part of Taipei, there are 72 7-Elevens within a 10 minute walk.


INFOGRAPHIC: Southeast Asia’s Electricity Paradox

Morley J Weston

Lights Out: Several countries in the region are exporting electricity before supplying it to their own people.

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