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Morley J Weston believes that the internet is a passing fad, but is obsessed with maps, stats and far-out solutions to the world's big problems.


MAP: Southeast Asia's Highways Stretch for Days

Morley J Weston

What Southeast Asia lacks in road infrastructure it must make up in flights and patience.


US Takes First Steps on New Pro-Taiwan Legislation

Morley J Weston

A slew of pro-Taiwan legislation has been brought to the US congress in the last two months.


Data, Propaganda and Cambridge Analytica in Taiwan

Morley J Weston

In Taiwan's open society, government and political groups have embraced the use of Facebook as a barometer of public sentiment.


Taiwan's NGOs Take to the Internet to Protest WHA Exclusion

Morley J Weston

Chinese pressure is again keeping Taiwan out of the world's biggest health policy meeting.


Unprotected by Labor Standards Act, Taiwan’s Cops Work 12-Hour Shifts

Morley J Weston

Poor working conditions have taken a toll on recruiting, further compounding the problems of overworked police.


Taiwan's Measles Outbreak and Herd Immunity

Morley J Weston

Even those who have been vaccinated should still take basic precautions.


Designing Taiwan's New Identity Card

Morley J Weston

Voting is already underway in the Identity Redesign contest, and many entries have proven controversial.


Thailand vs Taiwan: Who Wins the Startup Head to Head?

Morley J Weston

A debate between the advantages of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan has Taiwan come out looking alright.

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