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Mong Palatino

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Mong Palatino is a Philippines activist, former legislator, Southeast Asia blogger, and Chair of Bayan Metro Manila.


'Black Isn't Beautiful' Ad Sparks Outrage in Malaysia

Mong Palatino

The 15-minute-long ad angered netizens and was quickly criticized it for promoting racism and sexism.


Thailand Tells Internet Users to Unfollow Junta Critics on Social Media — Or Face Consequences

Mong Palatino

The government told Thai Internet users to stop following and sharing posts from the social media accounts of three overseas critics of the military-backed government


Vietnam's 'Prison Within a Prison Within a Prison'

Mong Palatino

Exiled dissident Dang Xuan Dieu recounts the horror of his imprisonment in Vietnam to Mong Palatino.


Why Singapore Changed the Name of the New World War II Exhibition

Mong Palatino

Many felt the name was an insult to thousands who suffered during the Japanese occupation.


Thai Media Groups: Proposed Law Could Bring Total Government Control of the Press

Mong Palatino

'It is also a major step backward of more than 20 years of the media reform process that the Thai journalist community fought for to democratize media space from state monopoly, and toward diversity and access to information.'

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