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Mong Palatino is a Philippines activist, former legislator, Southeast Asia blogger, and Chair of Bayan Metro Manila.


MALAYSIA: Women's Day Organizers Probed for Sedition After Controversy

Mong Palatino

At least seven Women's Day march organizers in Malaysia were told by police they could face sanctions for possible violations of the Sedition Act and Peaceful Assembly Act.


PHILIPPINES: Independent Media Decries Cyberattacks, Accuses Government

Mong Palatino

Several groups held protests against continued cyberattacks which they claim are backed by the Duterte administration.


Vietnam Cracks Down Harder on Dissenters and Activists

Mong Palatino

Data shows that persecution of dissenters increased in 2017, as did the proportion of harsh prison sentences handed out to writers and peaceful activists.

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Malaysian's ‘Mother GAIA’ Artwork Calls for Environmental Protection

Mong Palatino

A new exhibit in Penang, Malaysia features the latest paintings of Jennifer Mourin, an artist known for actively promoting the protection of the environment through her art.


Is Free Speech an ‘Empty Promise’ in Singapore?

Mong Palatino

An artist and political activist was standing alone before the Parliament House, holding a mirror as an act of performance art. He was led away by the police and detained until he posted bail the next day.


Free Media Fighting to Stay Alive in Cambodia amid Hun Sen's Latest Crackdown

Mong Palatino

One daily newspaper, two foreign media services and three local radio stations are among those under threat.


This 'Racy' Pop Song was Too Much for Malaysia's State Media

Mong Palatino

‘Despacito’ was deemed too racy by Malaysia’s state media networks.


TV Network Pays the Price in Thailand for Calling Leader 'Dictator'

Mong Palatino

Thailand’s army grabbed power in 2014 and has remained in power through a constitution it drafted. The country's media struggles to challenge those in power.

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