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Milo Hsieh studies international relations at American University. He is a freelance journalist based in Washington D.C. 


US Arms Sales to Taiwan Indicate Tougher Attitude Towards China

Milo Hsieh

The Trump administration has approved a series of arms sales to Taiwan, indicating closer U.S.-Taiwan relations as well as a tougher attitude towards China.


OPINION: China's Tourism Ban Shows Why Closer Economic Ties Won't Work

Milo Hsieh

China banned individual travel to Taiwan since August 1 in an attempt to undermine the Taiwanese economy and influence the election, but Taiwan's tourism sector should be wary of the CCP's strategy.


OPINION: Cigarette Smuggling Scandal Reveals Problems in Taiwan’s Bureaucracy, Not Politics

Milo Hsieh

While the media and politicians attack the Tsai administration for the cigarette smuggling scandal, it is best to remember that the problem lies within Taiwan's deep-rooted bureaucracy.


Red Media and CCP's Influence Operations: How Taiwanese Media Became Beijing’s Proxy

Milo Hsieh

The CCP is engaged in a sophisticated warfare to control what’s going into your mind.


Is 2019 the Breakthrough Year for U.S.-Taiwan Relations?

Milo Hsieh

After forty years of the Taiwan Relations Act, as both parties are presented with an increasingly aggressive China, Milo Hsieh argues it's time for a new chapter in relations between the U.S. and Taiwan.


Taiwan's Trump? Foxconn's Terry Gou Wants to 'Make the ROC Great Again'

Milo Hsieh

Comparisons between Terry Gou and Donald Trump go far deeper than their similar taste in headwear.


Taiwan's Military Announces Its Newest Defense Program: 'Surrender Food'

Milo Hsieh

'This might work,' quipped one Chinese internet user, 'because PLA soldiers might die from laughing too hard.'


OPINION: Taiwan’s Traditional Thinking Hinders Its Plans for Economic Innovation

Milo Hsieh

Taiwan wants to leap into the future of global tech innovation. It must start by addressing questions over the legacy of its authoritarian past.


President Tsai Calls for US Support of Taiwan in Address to Heritage Foundation

Milo Hsieh

Tsai Ing-wen, speaking to the conservative Heritage Foundation, said Taiwan needs US support to maintain its democracy and avoid the 'Hong Kong model' amid threats of Chinese influence and interference.


William Lai Faces an Uphill Battle in His Primary Run Against President Tsai

Milo Hsieh

The DPP party base is rallying around Tsai Ing-wen, meaning William Lai may struggle to find national support for his campaign.

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