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Milo Hsieh studies international relations at American University. He is a freelance journalist based in Washington D.C. 


Hostility Towards Transgender Influencer Chiang Chia-Wen Is Unacceptable

Milo Hsieh

A transgender influencer's pregnancy claim ignited a debate over medical ethics, harassment by journalists, and cancel culture.


What TSMC and Taiwan Have to Gain From Planned US Factory

Milo Hsieh

TSMC's proposed factory in Arizona would grant one of Taiwan's most important companies direct access to the U.S. market.


‘Tigertail’ Missed These Opportunities to Tell Taiwan’s History

Milo Hsieh

A brief guide to the language issues and glossed over history in 'Tigertail'.


They Told Me to Go Back to China. Then Came the Coronavirus.

Milo Hsieh

A Taiwanese student studying in Europe recounts his experience in the weeks leading up to the global lockdown.


Taiwan Voted For Tsai Ing-wen — But Also Pro-Beijing Parties

Milo Hsieh

International headlines largely focused on Tsai Ing-wen's re-election as a blow to Beijing, but the legislative election results are not as clear-cut.


Taiwan 2020: One Election, Two Attitudes of Nationalism

Milo Hsieh

KMT supporters wave their ROC flags and dress in ROC items at rallies, while DPP supporters express their anti-China sentiments with equal passion.


Taiwan 2020: Presidential Candidates Clash During Policy Presentation

Milo Hsieh

A quick recap on the highlights of the first televised policy presentation for Taiwan’s 2020 presidential race.

蔡總統力挺洪慈庸 呼籲選民支持年輕世代

An Uneasy Partnership: Pan-Green Competition and Cooperation in Taiwan's 2020 Elections

Milo Hsieh

As the election date is quickly approaching, many are turning their attention to the legislative race. What does the competition ⁠— or cooperation ⁠— look like in the pan-Green coalition?


Beijing’s Self-Destructive Coercion on American Companies Failed Miserably

Milo Hsieh

Beijing’s recent attempts of silencing dissent abroad has infuriated the American public and sparked even further discussions on the Hong Kong protests and the CCP’s bullying of American companies.


OPINION: Taiwanese Universities Should Treat Campus Assaults as Potential Hate Crimes

Milo Hsieh

Taiwanese universities are almost doing nothing about the recurring campus assaults on Hong Kong students, which will only result in more clashes and potential hate crimes.

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