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Michael Beltran is a journalist based in Metro Manila.


55 Philippine Indigenous Schools Suspended for Alleged Rebel Activities

Michael Beltran

The philippine government has suspended 55 indigenous schools, accusing them of teaching the children to rebel against authorities.


Family Threatened With Eviction to Protest at Duterte's Annual National Address

Michael Beltran

Poverty does not stop protesters from expressing their anger against President Rodrigo Duterte.


Chinese Workers Flooding the Philippines Jeopardize Local Employment and Livelihood

Michael Beltran

Chinese workers have flooded the Philippines, further disrupting local employment.


Not so Strong Man: Duterte Buckles Under Chinese Pressure Amid Maritime Row

Michael Beltran

Officials in the Philippines initially came on strong demanding China be sanctioned for an incident at Recto Bank, while Duterte kept his lips sealed. Days later Duterte finally dismissed the whole thing as 'a little maritime accident' and the administration fell in line, much to the ire of citizens. But — asks Michael Beltran — who is pulling whose strings here?


What Do the Rebels Have to Say About the Philippine Mid-Term Elections?

Michael Beltran

While administration-backed candidates dominate the senate and the Duterte- aligned parties have gained seats in the lower house the rebels reject the elections as being largely useless to change a 'tyrannical regime'.


Thailand's 'Can Do' Bar, Run by Sex Workers, Stands for Workers' Rights and Dignity

Michael Beltran

A bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand which is collectively owned by sex workers is pushing for human dignity and rights for workers throughout the country.


PHILIPPINES: Press Freedom Under Siege as Duterte Unveils Opposition 'Matrix'

Michael Beltran

Journalists in the Philippines are speaking out against what they call a newly intensified effort by the Duterte administration to suppress press freedom.


PHILIPPINES: Rights Groups, Branded as Communists, Fight to Preserve EU Funding

Michael Beltran

Philippines rights groups allege the government is falsely branding them as communists in an effort to sever the funding they receive from the European Union.


Sarah Elago, the Youngest Lawmaker in the Philippines, Challenges Duterte's Boys Club

Michael Beltran

The youngest lawmaker in the 17th Congress of the Philippines is taking her party's fight for justice to the streets.


The Maoist Guerrillas of the Philippines Are Now Pointing Their Guns at China

Michael Beltran

The New People's Army and affiliated communist groups in the Philippines have no love for the modern-day Chinese Communist Party.

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