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Michael Beltran is a journalist based in Metro Manila.


Duterte Forever? Critics Wary of Constitutional Changes in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

1,489 mayors in the Philippines proposed constitutional amendments calling for an extension of office terms as the country is sinking deeper into its pandemic woes. Critics called the proposal a power grab.


Philippine Activists: ‘Cloned’ Facebook Account Attacks Possibly Linked to Government

Michael Beltran

The Philippine government’s efforts to stifle dissent took an absurd twist when thousands of university students, faculty, and journalists woke up on Sunday to find cloned Facebook profiles of themselves.


Filipino Worker in Taiwan Defiant in Face of Deportation Threats

Michael Beltran

Elanel Ordidor is steadfast in her commitment to speak freely against a Philippine official's threats to have her deported from Taiwan.


Mass Arrests in the Philippines as Lockdown Tightens

Michael Beltran

The mass arrest of 21 protestors on April 1 in Quezon City is the latest flashpoint in the government's draconian lockdown.


Basic Needs Unmet in the Philippines While Duterte Exploits Emergency Powers

Michael Beltran

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is taking advantage of his emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic while the elites benefit. But Filipino activist groups do not remain silent.


Outrage Over Duterte's Inaction Grips Filipinos During Coronavirus Scare

Michael Beltran

A general distrust in Philippine president Duterte's ability to handle the coronavirus outbreak has sparked protest both on social media and in the streets.


Thousands of Filipino Families to Be Displaced by Chinese-Backed Construction Craze

Michael Beltran

The Philippines are preparing to jump into a manic building spree, backed by Chinese investments. The relocation of the native inhabitants seems like an afterthought.

Panday Sining Manila

Manila's Arrest of Dissident Artists Could Interfere With Freedom of Expression

Michael Beltran

On November 30, the Manila police arrested street artists who were writing political messages on the wall for "vandalism." Many are now interpreting the act as the government's crackdown on freedom of expression.


Duterte Shoved the Philippines Further Into the Dragon's Mouth

Michael Beltran

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s fifth visit to Beijing resulted in a failure to assert territorial claims, again.

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