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Michael Beltran is a journalist based in Metro Manila.


Meet the First Medical Cannabis Party in Asia

Michael Beltran

In the Philippines, where the government has carried out a bloody war on drugs, a party has been formed to advocate for the use of cannabis for medical purposes.


Three Issues Defining the Philippines 2022 Elections

Michael Beltran

The pandemic, China, and domestic conflicts are shaping up to be the main issues defining next year’s presidential election in the Philippines.


How a Young Journalist Was Detained in the Philippines Throughout the Pandemic

Michael Beltran

Frenchie Mae Cumpio’s incarceration has come to represent the challenges facing young journalists in the Philippines since President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration took office in 2016.


How a Community Pantry Sparked Movement of Mutual Aid in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

To help those struggling financially during the pandemic, hundreds of community pantries have been set up across the Philippines, and more are sprouting up.


The Bloodiest Sunday in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

Nine people were murdered by state forces in the Philippines. Michael Beltran spoke with two eye witnesses.


Philippines: Armed Forces University Ban Canceled

Michael Beltran

The Philippine government has canceled a long standing agreement that barred armed forces from entering the country’s leading university, University of the Philippines.


Philippines: The Tactics Behind Red-Tagging

Michael Beltran

The military and government bureaucracy will never openly admit to it, but there is a stark and disturbing trend of mobilizing state resources against civil society in the Philippines.


Philippines Celebrities Not Immune From Red-Tagging Terror Campaign

Michael Beltran

The practice of "red-tagging" in the Philippines is usually reserved for dissidents, but recent comments from a general suggest that the government has celebrities in their sights.


Philippines Lockdown Lifted, No Relief for Frontline Workers

Michael Beltran

The lockdown in Metro Manila may have been lifted, but neither Covid-19 nor the crisis in the healthcare system shows signs of relenting.

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