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Michael Beltran is a journalist based in Metro Manila.


The Richest Man in the Philippines Is Taking Over the Country’s Water. These People Are Out To Stop Him.

Michael Beltran

Manny Villar, a billioniare, is behind an effort to privatize water supplies throughout the Philippines with the company Primewater Incoporated. Citizens, unions, and political leaders are organizing against it.


Will 100% Foreign Ownership Help the Philippine Economy?

Michael Beltran

President Duterte has been keen on removing barriers for foreign businesses in the Philippines, following his predecessors to encourage investments.


Teenage Girl Accuses Military of Rape and Torture Because of Her Family’s Activism

Michael Beltran

“In the context of the ongoing armed conflict in the Philippines, thousands of military elements are deployed in civilian communities who intentionally target women and girls with sexual violence in order to achieve particular military objectives.”


Why Is Duterte Reluctant To Spend on Typhoon Rai Recovery?

Michael Beltran

Filipino activists say that the Duterte administration has the money for disaster relief. But systemic corruption and a well-funded security state stand in the way.


53 Years of Red Power in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

The anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines is coming up. Under President Duterte, any chance of laying down weapons — even at Christmas — has been slim.


The Case of Steve Abua: Philippines Pro-Government Kidnappers Show New Level of Brazenness

Michael Beltran

The abduction of Steve Abua, a peasant organizer, is a painfully familiar occurrence in the Philippines. What’s new is the brazenness with which his pro-government captors have carried out his disappearance.


Who’s Running for President of the Philippines in 2022?

Michael Beltran

At the moment, we can assume that President Rodrigo Duterte is stepping down next year, but there are five candidates running to succeed him.


Kitchen Cadres: Cooking With Indignation During Lockdown in the Philippines

Michael Beltran

The ongoing lockdown in the Philippines has challenged activists to redirect some of their efforts towards filling empty stomachs, in addition to the everyday protesting, organizing, and campaigning.


A Philippine Dissident Raises a Child in Prison

Michael Beltran

Amanda Echanis, a peasant organizer, is raising her infant son while she is incarcerated as a political prisoner. It’s an experience she's familiar with.

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