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Michael Beltran is a journalist based in Metro Manila.


FEATURE/ Surfaced and Survived: Two Filipino Environmental Defenders Defy Military Captors

Michael Beltran

Jonila Castro and Jhed Tamano, the two Filipino female environmental defenders who were abducted by the Philipines’ military captors for 17 days, resurfaced and spoke up against the authority.


Marcos Jr’s Big Bad Sovereign Wealth Fund

Michael Beltran

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr touted the creation of a sovereign wealth fund as a game-changer for the economy, but experts worry that public funds will be plundered again.

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Abused by Own Embassy Officials, Filipino Human Trafficking Survivors in Syria Seek Justice

Michael Beltran

Filipino human trafficking victims have filed a complaint against former Philippine envoy to Syria for abuse and neglect. Some say the embassy sold them back to their abusive employers after they escaped.


Marcos Jr Risks Conflict With Stronger US Security Ties

Michael Beltran

After WWII, the Philippines has shown willingness to aid American geopolitical interests. Now, civic groups want the country de-militarized and spared from the conflict of superpowers.


Rains and Floods Batter Philippines, Climate Activists Warn of More To Come

Michael Beltran

“The quarrying is to blame, no doubt about it. It’s always been like this, but we live in this area because we have nowhere else to go,” said an inspector for the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office.


“Ka Joma Lives!”: The Philippines Mourns Exiled Revolutionary Leader

Michael Beltran

Joma Sison, a revolutionary leader in exile, leaves a legacy deeply intertwined with the modern political history of the Philippines.


Holy Water: The Philippine Activist Targeted for Trying To Stop a Hydropower Project

Michael Beltran

Dozens of elite armed forces were sent to arrest Vertrudez Macapanpan, a 69-year-old environmental activist in the Philippines. She has no doubt the cause was her work defending a sacred mountain spring from a billion dollar development project.


Ex-VP Candidate Walden Bello Arrested for Accusing Sara Duterte’s Aide of Narcotics Involvement

Michael Beltran

Walden Bello, an esteemed scholar and candidate for vice president in the last election in the Philippines, is the latest victim in a string of “cyber-libel” cases that have undermined civil liberties.

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