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Matt Fulco, a Taipei-based freelance journalist, is a Contributing Writer for Taiwan Business TOPICS.

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Taiwan’s Gogoro: Taking a Different Tack

Matthew Fulco

Among Taiwanese scooter brands, the relative newcomer Gogoro is an anomaly.


Strictly Monkey Business

Matthew Fulco

In this Year of the Monkey, a reminder of the sometimes strained relations between humans and Taiwan’s other primates.


In Taipei, the Rising Sun Casts a Long Shadow

Matthew Fulco

More than 70 years after Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan ended, Japan’s legacy endures in the Taiwanese capital.  


Taiwan's Hotel Sector Faces Day of Reckoning

Matthew Fulco

The boom of the last eight years is coming to an end as Chinese tourists decline and hotel oversupply grows more severe.


Taiwan’s Banks Eye ASEAN Expansion

Matthew Fulco

The emerging Southeast Asian region of 600 million people offers Taiwanese banks better prospects than mercurial China.


Boosting Taiwan’s Biopharma Sector

Matthew Fulco

What is holding Taiwan back in its efforts to find cures for diseases, including cancer?


Taiwan’s Cancer Incidence Steadily Rises

Matthew Fulco

The incidence of cancer is rising in Taiwan as the population rapidly ages.

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