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Matt Fulco, a Taipei-based freelance journalist, is a Contributing Writer for Taiwan Business TOPICS.

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Despite Controlled Heat, Sichuan Cuisine Burns Bright in Taipei

Matthew Fulco

Chefs have toned down the spiciness to accommodate local taste.


Taiwan’s Growing Appetite for Beef

Matthew Fulco

Taiwan’s steakhouse market has moved upmarket with the arrival of some new restaurants.


Taiwan’s Continuing Uber Controversy

Matthew Fulco

The company’s Taiwan business is still growing despite being in regulatory limbo and facing mounting opposition from lawmakers and the taxi industry.


Airbnb Faces an Uncertain Future in Taiwan

Matthew Fulco

The company’s popular apartment-sharing business remains illegal in Taiwan.


NCC to Revise Controversial Convergent Law Draft

Matthew Fulco

New laws would replace Taiwan's existing Radio and Television Act, Satellite Broadcasting Act, Cable Television Act and Telecommunications Act.


Taiwan Tunes Out of TV

Matthew Fulco

Low investment and lax regulations threaten the long-term survival of the domestic television industry.


Will 5G Spark an 'Internet of Things' Revolution in Taiwan?

Matthew Fulco

After arriving late to the 4G game, Taiwan is determined to capitalize early on the next generation of mobile communication technology.


Hospitality and Retail Brands Channel the Good Life in Taiwan

Matthew Fulco

Taiwan’s rising emphasis on high-quality lifestyle has spurred a wave of new homegrown brands offering everything from premium accommodations to inventive cuisine.


Where are Taiwan’s Brands?

Matthew Fulco

Steeped in the contract-manufacturing ethos, companies still often fall short in their bid to become global brands.

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