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Matt Fulco, a Taipei-based freelance journalist, is a Contributing Writer for Taiwan Business TOPICS.

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Taiwan's Automakers Struggle against Imports

Matthew Fulco

Luxury imports are running roughshod over the the local market.


Has Taiwan’s ESL Market Hit a Tipping Point?

Matthew Fulco

Taiwan's English industry is hitting a barrier — a lack of kids.

書法 Chinese antique calligraphic text onbeige paper with brush

Goodbye Confucius, Hello Matzu: Is Taiwan Becoming a Chinese-Language Education Hub?

Matthew Fulco

Taiwan's political environment is making it more attractive for international students.


HTC's Future: VR Headsets or Failed Bets?

Matthew Fulco

Once a leading light of the global smartphone market, Taiwan's HTC has been hemorrhaging for the past nine quarters. Having bet on sales of its Vive virtual reality (VR) headset to drive future revenues, it will need VR to become a mass market technology sooner rather than later to survive long-term.

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Taiwan's Artificial Intelligence Adventure

Matthew Fulco

Taiwan has huge potential as a cradle of artificial intelligence solutions, but so far its notable successes have come from start-ups like Appier rather than government-backed initiatives. Now, as the government opens the coffers to encourage investment in self-driving cars and AI healthcare, the race is on for Taiwan to develop an AI ecosystem that can compete on a global stage.


Southbound Policy Helps Taiwan Banks Advance

Matthew Fulco

Taiwan's New Southbound Policy is bearing fruit, at least for the nation's banks, which are expanding their footprint across ASEAN in lockstep with their corporate clients.


How a Mega Scandal Pushed Taiwan to Reform Money-laundering Controls

Matthew Fulco

New York regulators’ fining of Mega Bank last year for lax compliance practices was a wake-up call for Taiwan, which has since moved swiftly to brush up its international compliance on money-laundering.


Trouble for Taiwan’s Paradise

Matthew Fulco

With casino gaming off the table, the economy of the idyllic offshore islands of Penghu is more dependent than ever on shaky seasonal tourism.


8K TV Offers Glimmer of Hope for Taiwan

Matthew Fulco

The launch of 8K resolution television sets represents a glimmer of hope for the Taiwan panel-making industry.


Exploring Taipei’s Speakeasies

Matthew Fulco

The drink of choice is usually Japanese whiskey, sometimes in innovative cocktails.

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