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Before joining the Lowy Institute, Dr Merriden Varrall was the Assistant Country Director and Senior Policy Advisor at UNDP China, where she worked for the past three years on China's role in the world, focusing on its international development cooperation policy.


Fearing Beijing's Ire, the Australian Publishing Industry is Censoring Itself

Merriden Varrall

It seems that China has not actually taken any action to influence this decision, but publishers are still playing it safe.


Sweeping Changes in Beijing

Merriden Varrall

As China's biggest political meeting draws near, Beijing is being rearranged with little or no explanation or concern for its residents. But Beijingers are more used than most to sweeping changes, and are bearing the disruption with typical fortitude and good humor.


What's Next for Xi Jinping?

Merriden Varrall

Xi has several options for holding on to power without breaking from precedent.


Hong Kong Election Results: A Challenge to China's Immutability

Merriden Varrall

Unless Beijing quickly and radically changes its approach to winning over Hong Kong hearts and minds, it will be an enormous challenge for the government to convince the population that its interests are best served by being part of China.

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