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Louis Lo

Louis Lo

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Louis Lo is an editor of The News Lens focusing on international politics.


Did US Election Polls Fail Again?

Louis Lo

What’s often missing from discussions of the reliability of polls is the social atmosphere in the United States and polling methodology.


GIF STORY: The US Navy's Asian Pivot and Historical Deployment

Louis Lo

US Navy destroyers make headlines when they sail the Taiwan Strait – a regular part of the Seventh Fleet’s patrol. When we look at the history of US fleet deployments, it’s clear that the US uses its warships as waterborne ambassadors of global influence.


Chinese Tourist's Gripes Provoke Anger and Soul-searching in Taiwan

Louis Lo

Are night markets really so terrible?


Nationalist Treasure: Taipei's Streets Contain a Secret Map of China

Louis Lo

Taipei's street names are rarely older than 50 years, but their story goes back another century.

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