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Li Jun, PhD in political sociology, is the Head of Women Awakening Network (新媒体女性), a feminist communication NGO based in Guangzhou. She is also a columnist on gender issues with the pen name Li Sipan (李思磐). Her publications include “The Growth and Dilemma of Women’s NGOs in China: A Case Study of the Beijing Zhongze Legal Consulting Service Center for Women,” and “Media as a core political resource: the young feminist movements in China”. She also published a paper and investigative report addressing sexual harassment in academia in China. Cecilia Milwertz works as Senior Researcher at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She is also editor of the Gendering Asia Book Series and Coordinator of the Sino-Nordic Women & Gender Studies Network. In an article written with media studies scholar Bu Wei, she analyses some of the feminist knowledge change that underlies the current #MeToo movement in China. With philosopher/sociologist Wang Fengxian she published the book 民间意愿互融之树—新思维中的民间组织理论与方法 (A Tree of Intra-active Intentions – Theories and Methods of Popular Organizing in New Frameworks of Thought). The book conceptualized the close intra-action between feminist organizations, party-state and foreign donors that has been undermined by recent legislation and control. Image credit: CC by Marco Verch/Flickr.

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Taking Action on #MeToo in China

Despite a campaign to quell the circulation of the meme on social media, various institutions are putting mechanisms in place to counter sexual harassment.

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