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Leora Joy

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Leora Joy is an artist interested in the perverted intersections between art, the practise of everyday life & popular culture.


Taipei and the Tactics of Everyday Life

Leora Joy

Creative resistance allows residents to make their cities work for them in surprising ways.


The Long Poem of Walking Taipei

Leora Joy

Share glimpses of Taiwan's capital as captured by an itinerant flâneuse.


REVIEW: Spectrosynthesis Exhibition: Is this LGBTQ Rainbow Fragmented?

Leora Joy

The exhibition in Taipei aimed to improve the condition of human rights in Taiwan and other Asian societies through dialogue about diverse gender issues, but opened questions about equal representation within minority groups.


'XConfessions' Film Review: Let's Talk about Lust 

Leora Joy

The popularity of Erika Lust's 'XConfessions' — short erotic films made by a woman for women — at the recent Women Make Waves Film Festival in Taipei shows the time is now to open a conversation about how women engage with pornography.

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