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 Kuan Chen is a writer for the News Lens International. A Purdue Boilermaker! 


Airline’s Indigenous Name Bungle Reveals Taiwanese ‘Ignorance’

Kuan Chen

'When I go to Starbucks and order my drink with my indigenous name, the staff ask me politely if they are not sure how to pronounce my name. That’s called respect.”


Two Years in Jail for Calling Xi Jinping a ‘Steamed Bun’

Kuan Chen

It is a dangerous game playing fast and loose with nicknames in China, even with your friends online.


Uber Taiwan is Back. What is the New Business Model Like?

Kuan Chen

Uber is going to act as an "information platform" that, instead of linking drivers to the customers, now provides the service directly to car rental companies.


HBO’s First Chinese-Language Original Series Takes Taiwan to the World

Kuan Chen

HBO's first Chinese-language original series has been endorsed by the Taiwan president.

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