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Ko Overtakes Lai in Presidential Race, a Pre-TPP/KMT Breakdown Poll Shows

Kim Chan Sonia Schlesinger

Taiwan’s presidential race sees a dramatic shift as the TPP candidate Ko Wen-je surges ahead of the former frontrunner, DPP’s Lai Ching-te, in a recent poll conducted by the TPOF.


The KMT, TPP Stumble on Their Road to a Joint Presidential Ticket

Kim Chan Sonia Schlesinger

The KMT and the TPP have been unable to reach a consensus over poll results, and the historical “joint ticket” plan to challenge the ruling DPP is in jeopardy.


KMT and TPP to Collaborate for Election, But Stall on Choosing ‘The Strongest Candidate’

Kim Chan

The Kuomintang (KMT) and Taiwan People's Party (TPP) have announced their collaboration in an effort to stop the "one-party democratic rule" but they have been deadlocked on deciding the presidential candidate.


KMT and TPP To Enter ‘Party Negotiations,’ Seeking Integration To Oust DPP

Kim Chan

KMT candidate initiated "party negotiations" between the KMT and TPP, hoping for collaboration in the upcoming elections.


Hong Kong's Siu-fung Law Is a Bodybuilder, Poet, and Genderqueer Icon

Kim Chan

Siu-fung recalls her discovery of her non-binary gender identity through poetry and weightlifting.

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