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Khaw Chia Hui is a journalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a keen interest on politics, science and technology.


MALAYSIA: Right-Wing Media Stonewalls Dialogue After Heated History Forum

Khaw Chia Hui

The UMNO-backed Utusan Malaysia branded a discussion of Malaysian textbooks as ‘communist.’ A speaker says she has received death and rape threats.


MALAYSIA: Views from the Street on Our Political Future

Khaw Chia Hui

Voters from all sides of the spectrum offer their views in the wake of Malaysia's historic election.


Politics and Personality Keep Malaysia Spellbound as Mahathir Rules Again

Khaw Chia Hui

Disbelief and trepidation linger after Mahathir's unprecedented general election victor.


Najib vs Mahathir: Malaysia Hits the Polls

Khaw Chia Hui

Malaysia is choosing its next prime minister, the culmination of a fierce campaign between two political veterans.


PROFILE: Walking Tall in the Land of 'Seditious' Clowns

Khaw Chia Hui

It will take more than a fine and the threat of jail time to end Fahmi Reza's fight for freedom of expression in Malaysia.

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