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Kirsten Han is a freelance journalist and curator of the We, The Citizens newsletter, covering Singapore politics, human rights, civil society, and social justice.


Why Disney's 'Gay Moment' is Causing Hysteria in Singapore

Kirsten Han

The church's lack of acceptance has a very real impact on the mental health of LGBT people, writes Kirsten Han in Singapore.


OPINION: Presidential Elections Changes Further Undermine Democracy in Singapore

Kirsten Han

'It’s enough to prompt the question: what’s the point of voting in the presidential election at all?'


Amos Yee Awaits Appearance before US Immigration Judge

Kirsten Han

Singaporean teenage blogger Amos Yee remains detained in the United States while his application for political asylum is referred to an immigration judge.


Amos Yee Could Face Longer Detention Period for US Asylum Bid

Kirsten Han

The Singaporean teenage blogger was detained on Dec. 16 in Chicago after authorities discovered that he intended to seek asylum in the United States. His lawyer now says that it's possible he could be facing a longer period in jail.


BREAKING: Singaporean Blogger Detained Seeking Asylum in United States

Kirsten Han

Teen blogger Amos Yee made headlines again and again with two convictions for wounding religious feelings in two years in Singapore. Now, he's spending Christmas in an adult correctional facility while seeking asylum in the U.S.


Singapore, Solidarity and the Need for Organising

Kirsten Han

All across the world democracy seems to be taking a hit. We need to push back and reclaim the space for civil society, for activism, and most importantly, for each other, writes Kirsten Han in Singapore.


'Pink Dot' Pushes the Envelope in Singapore As State Tightens Rules

Kirsten Han

This year’s LGBT pride event took a baby step toward being a little more like a protest. Meanwhile, the government is trying to ban sponsorship by foreign entities of events at Hong Lim Park.


Singaporean Activists Harassed by Police for 'Breaching' Election Rules

Kirsten Han

It’s a worrying state of affairs when expressing your political opinions on Facebook on a particular day is all it takes for police to gain access to all your data without a warrant or court order.

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