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Kirsten Han is a freelance journalist and curator of the We, The Citizens newsletter, covering Singapore politics, human rights, civil society, and social justice.


What’s up With Singapore’s Response To the Myanmar Coup?

Kirsten Han

The Singaporean government has denounced Myanmar’s armed forces for using lethal weapons against protesters, but it is unlikely to take action against the military leaders.


From Victims To Villains: Singapore’s War on Drugs

Kirsten Han

Singapore’s War on Drugs posture has lasted for decades. It’s time for a different approach.


Singapore’s Government Wants a Conversation on ‘Women Development.’ Here’s What They Don’t Want to Talk About.

Kirsten Han

It’s one thing to boost “women development” — a term with echoes of a “lean in” mentality that places the onus on women to work even harder to succeed in environments predominantly catering to men — but quite another to truly challenge the patriarchy and live up to feminist principles.


OPINION: Singapore's Crisis Election Is About Mudslinging, Not Real Issues

Kirsten Han

Singapore was supposed to have a public deliberation over its post-Covid-19 future. Instead the ruling party has cracked down on the opposition.


Will Singapore Search for Its Soul After Covid-19?

Kirsten Han

Covid-19 has given us many reasons to be pessimistic that Singapore will change, but there's hope.


Coronavirus: How Effective Is Singapore’s Anti-Fake News Law?

Kirsten Han

The so-called anti-fake news law in Singapore — POFMA — doesn't stop all misinformation, while leaving in place a powerful mechanism that can be abused when the crisis is over.

Singapore Newspaper Reader

Does Singapore Really Need a 'Fake News' Law?

Kirsten Han

There are plenty of constraints on free expression in Singapore and fake news appears yet to be a problem.

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