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Kevin McCauley has served as senior intelligence officer for the Soviet Union, Russia, China and Taiwan during 31 years in the federal government. He has written numerous intelligence products for decision makers, combatant commands, combat and force developers, and contributions to the annual Report to Congress on China's military power. Mr. McCauley currently writes on PLA and Taiwan military affairs.


What has China Learned from Past Amphibious Assaults?

Kevin McCauley

The PLA's successes and failures in assaulting Xiamen, Kinmen and Hainan in 1949 and 1950 hold lessons for a potential invasion of Taiwan.


China Attempts to Accelerate Military Reform Plans

Kevin McCauley

China has shifted course and is working on developing disruptive technologies, but still has a long way to go.


Analysis: China’s Critical Western Theater Command

Kevin McCauley

The WTC is the largest theater and has complex terrain including desert and high mountains, long borders, and challenging social conditions. Theater missions include supporting the People’s Armed Police Force maintaining internal stability in the restive Tibet and Xinjiang regions.

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