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Ketagalan Media is the leading gateway for ideas and trends between Taiwan, Asia and the world. Experience culture, history and politics, through curated features and commentary by correspondents around the globe, on how everything connects through Taiwan. Taiwan needs a higher level and globalized media, at Ketagalan Media 是在美國和台灣的一群創新人士所發起之新興媒體提供連結台灣、亞洲與世界之間,視野更廣、更全球化的觀點分析與趨勢報導。團隊與分佈全世界的記者和評論家,深入探討文化、藝術、歷史和政策思考,層層了解台灣與世界之間的共通脈絡。

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2017/09/15 | Ketagalan Media

Does Taiwan Really Need More Foreigners?

Taiwan needs new talent but Taiwanese people’s inability to market the country effectively is hampering its ability to attract the right people.

2017/06/25 | Ketagalan Media

Taiwanese Music on the World Stage: Mia Yen and Taiwanese Waves

'I have always believed in the power of music. Music crosses boundaries, even cultural and personal boundaries. I want to prove to the world that Taiwan produces some of the world’s most outstanding musicians and bands.'

2017/05/24 | Ketagalan Media

On the Verge of History: Will Taiwan Legalize Same Sex Marriage Today?

If Taiwan’s constitutional court does deem same sex marriage to be legal, not only will it become a watershed in Taiwan’s history of democracy and developing civil society, it will also have profound meaning for LGBTQ rights around the world. 

2017/05/23 | Ketagalan Media

A Delicate Balancing Act: President Tsai’s First Year

Sandwiched between these two clashing generations, Tsai is standing at a dividing line between Taiwan’s past and future, the 'east' of its old glory (such as being one of the four Asian tigers) and the 'west' of its new chapter in history.