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Valkyries Disconnected: Chinese Authorities Pat Down Mobile Games for Violence, Obscenity

Kenrick Davis

Ministry of Culture has 50 Chinese games in its crosshairs for content that’s 'harmful to social values.'


Chinese Rap Breaking Free of Mandarin

Kenrick Davis

While some dialect rappers regard their art as an avenue to fame and fortune, for others, it is a tool for promoting and protecting local language and culture.


'Blondie of China' on the Future of Music

Kenrick Davis

The Nova Heart frontwoman talks about commercialization, community and China’s music culture.


Backstage With China’s Smooth-Talking Emcees

Kenrick Davis

With booming voices and winning smiles, commercial event hosts chase fame and fortune in a shrinking offline industry.


East Side Story Overshadowed as Chinese Opt for Western Musicals

Kenrick Davis

In a boom year for foreign productions, makers of homegrown musicals struggle to draw audiences, investment, and talent.


China’s Latest Marketing Craze: Impoverished African Children

Kenrick Davis

Short videos of African kids advertising Chinese goods and services raise ethical and legal concerns.

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