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Foreign Minister Says Stickers on Taiwan Passport Covers Are Illegal


The Bureau of Consular Affairs points out the actions violate the part of the Enforcement Rules of Passports that state, "Other than filling in relevant information and signatures, passport holders are not authorized to make any alterations to the passports."


Four Tips from Japanese Expert To Improve Dementia


The first principle is to keep your brain busy. Research shows that people who have challenging jobs are less likely to have dementia.


Anything Behind China Issuing Electronic Taiwan Compatriot Travel Documents?


Starting from September 21, China will issue electronic Taiwan compatriot travel documents and the original paper passes will be discontinued. Premier Mao Chi-kuo says he did not know of the changes until he read the newspaper. Mao says China has already hurt the feelings of the Taiwanese by doing so.


National Pension Reformation Policy of The Three Taiwanese Presidential Candidates


The alliance will respectively ask each political party and all presidential candidates to declare their stands on the issue, and will request the next president to invite opposite parties and unions of soldiers, civic servants, teachers, laborers, peasants and other related groups gathering on the platform to seek a solution regarding the national pension issue.


Retired Policeman Says Taiwan Authorities Tortured Murder Suspect into Confessing


This policeman talked to Qiu before, asking him why he confessed to the crime. Qiu said it was because the police tortured him, so he had to plead guilty first and then the court would grant him justice in the trial afterwards. However, the court never allowed him to reverse his confession.

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Investigation Report of Textbook Controversy Says Reporters Were Arrested According to Law


The three reporters that were arrested held a press conference in front of Taipei City Hall this morning and say the investigation report fails to clarify key points of their arrest. They also say reflection and advice of the city government are too empty and merely play around with words.

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A Rarely Known Provincial Government of Taiwan Has An Annual Budget of NT$ 90 Million


There is a Taiwan Provincial Government in the Zhongxing New Village in Nantou, but most people do not know that there is also a Fujian Provincial Government in Kinmen with an annual budget up to NT$ 90 million (approximately US$2.7 million), of which more than half are staff costs.


Taiwan Will Not Yet Regulate Speech on the Internet


The Vice Premier says there is currently no legislation needed for anti-cyber bullying, yet the society should develop a consensus on the issue and the regulations on Internet speech should also be carried out more rigorously.


Livability Rate Declining; Taipei Ranks 60th Safest City in the World


The average livability rate has decreased by 1 percent since 2010, mainly because the stability (and safety) rate has declined by 2.2 percent.

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Taiwan Ministry of Education Withdraws Lawsuit Against Students and Journalists


The police deprived the journalists of communication rights on the night of July 23, which severely damaged the freedom of press. The press will not accept the ministry’s despicable apology.

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